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  • Warrior Road Trip


    • Welcome to Texas show

      Welcome to Texas

      The boys take over Texas for some cowboy style adventure.

    • Massai Cowboys show

      Massai Cowboys

      Boni and Lemarti get dressed up… Texas style.

    • American Football show

      American Football

      Find out if the Massai Warriors enjoyed playing American football in the USA.

    • Eat Meat show

      Eat Meat

      Bondi and Lemarti taking their first bite on American food.

    • The Rodeo competition show

      The Rodeo competition

      From Warriors to Rodeo is no easy journey but practice makes perfect.

    • Boni and Lemarti show

      Boni and Lemarti

      Massai warriors Boni and Lemarti travel adventures across America.

    • Warriors show


      Nature lovers, not hunters: find out why the Massai carry their own weapons.