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  • Premieres Sunday, March 17th at 9pm HKT, 8pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


On this season of "Wicked Tuna", the Captains of Gloucester are reeling from loss of beloved Pinwheel Mate, Nick "Duffy" Fudge. Captain Tyler is joined by his sister, a close friend of Nick's. Together they relentlessly fish in all conditions to honor their friend. It's also a season of twists and turns, starting with underdog boat Wicked Pissah blasting off to an early lead. But in this unpredictable fishery, a dominating lead can disappear in an instant. And this season Jay returns to fish with Captain Marciano on his new boat, The Falcon. Meanwhile, Captain Ralph is back with his boat The Odysea? and he's taking no prisoners. It's a season of change and surprises, with one of the closest battles in "Wicked Tuna" history, that culminates in a dramatic nail-biting final episode.


  • Wicked Tuna S8: The Enemy Among Us
    As the season opens, Gloucesters elite FV.Tuna.Com, Pinwheel and Hot Tuna get challenged by top fishermen on new boats Fat Tuna, Kraken and Wasabi.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: War On The Water
    When new boats Fat Tuna, Kraken, and Wasabi start working together to dominate, the original Gloucester fleet fights to defend their home territory.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: Band of Brothers
    For the first time in the battle for bluefin, three new boats lead the fleet forcing the Gloucester Captains to band together to defend their turf.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: Follow The Leaders
    With the quota disappearing, the veterans must fend off the outsiders, as the new boats attempt to get on their fishing spots, and into their heads.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: Blood Lines
    Captains bond as one faces the loss of his father and another grieves. And three generations fish together on one boat in an epic battle for bluefin.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: Kraken The Code
    Knowing that location is key in fishing, the OGs head out to their local hotspots, but the new captains use their skills to keep up with the veterans.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: While The Getting Is Good
    As the Fleet encounters the effects of a flooded market, a buyer shutdown could potentially halt the competition.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: Bluefin Shutdown
    Due to a flooded market, the buyers plan to shut down tuna fishing in 48 hours, forcing the fleet to take extreme measures for one more pay.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: Back To Business
    When the bluefin market shutdown is finally lifted, Captains try to make up for lost time as they race to land high quality fish and big paycheques.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: Mate Debate
    With prices increasing after the buyer shutdown, every captain needs to be able to rely on their crew, and only a solid team will take the top spot.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: Angry Waters
    When a storm moves in, the seas turn turbulent. But the competition never stops, so captains must decide if they fish through the weather or flee.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: Pineapple Mafia
    The OGs good luck charms are put to the test against the outsiders ways of pleasing the tuna gods and a competition of superstitions begins.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: Crunch Time
    The Gloucester vets and the newcomers battle to catch the biggest and best bluefin in order to get ahead before the quota runs out.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: Brawlin For Bluefin
    As the season's end nears, the newcomers each lead their target rivals, forcing the OGs to rally and pushing one veteran past his breaking point.
  • Wicked Tuna S8: All Out of Tomorrows
    Gloucester veterans and newcomers fight for final pay cheques and the coveted top spot with only 48 hours left in their unparalleled fishing season.