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  • Premieres Sunday, March 17th at 9pm HKT, 8pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel

    • Meet the Tuna.com Crew show

      Meet the Tuna.com Crew

      They're the best around—and they know it. Under the fiercely competitive leadership of Captain Dave Carraro, this three-man...

    • Reeling 'Em In show

      Reeling 'Em In

      Fishermen fight with nothing but rods and reels to catch a mighty bluefin tuna.

    • Hard Merchandise Crew show

      Hard Merchandise Crew

      This two-man crew works hard for the money. Their vessel is called the Hard Merchandise, a beat-up, workhorse of a boat from 1984.

    • Bounty Hunter Crew show

      Bounty Hunter Crew

      Bill and Donna Monte have been married for over 30 years, and have been chasing bluefin together since 1979.

    • Odysea Crew show

      Odysea Crew

      The smallest of all five boats, the Odysea is captained by Ralph Wilkins, who happens to be best friends with Bill Monte,...

    • Christina Crew show

      Christina Crew

      Kevin Leonowert, Owner and Captain of the Christina, is somewhat unusual among Gloucester’s professional fishermen in that...

    • Rods, Reels and Tuna show

      Rods, Reels and Tuna

      Check out this wild group of fishermen as they battle it out with the mighty Tuna.

    • Toughest Fishermen show

      Toughest Fishermen

      Under the harshest weather conditions, these men will fight for getting the better fishing at the end of the day.