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In-depth reporting about the natural world.

National Geographic Channel's Wild Chronicles tells the story of our planet, offering rare access and in-depth reporting about the natural world. The series delivers a compelling global perspective on the wonders of our environment and those who work and play in it. The premiere episode begins with an exclusive peak at a seasonal war in Japan between two masters of the air, the honey bee and the giant hornet. Future shows will cover updates from tornado chasers in the Midwest U.S., reveal the stomach-churning thrills of extreme white-water kayaking in Mongolia, and go under the Pacific waves to witness the bubble-net hunting tactics of the humpback whale…from the whales perspective. What is guaranteed is a spectacular view of life on this untamed earth.


  • Wild Chronicles
    Follow a group of climbers ascending Everest 10 years after the mountain's worst disaster. New lemur species were found in Madagascar.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 1
    In Antarctica, beautiful creatures live under the ice. We then go to Kenya, to witness the battle for survival between lions and tribesmen.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 2
    The jaguars make a surprise return to Southwest America. Join the Crittercam team to find out how the Dugong survives in Australia's shark-infested waters.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 3
    From the coast of Panama to Africa, join us at different locations to witness the chronicles of the wildlife.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 4
    The giant catfish in Cambodia's Mekong River is facing extinction. Can it be saved? A gang warfare breaks out when Africa's meerkats face danger.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 5
    The Crittercam team travels to western Australia where it's a race for survival between two species of sea turtles trying to out-swim hungry tiger sharks.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 6
    Radical research helps scientists investigate the source of flu-like symptoms threatening Tanzanian chimpanzees.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 7
    Will the recent discovery of the purpose of the Narwhal Whale's unicorn-like tusk put them in danger?
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 8
    The Crittercam team discovers the secrets of the leopard seal at the Antarctica and also the monk seals.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 9
    Join us in the trial run of camera technology that provides a shark's eye view of the ocean. Watch the extraordinary life of the octopus like never before.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 10
    A startling discovery of singing mice raises questions about the musical world and animal attraction. And, leopard seal secrets are revealed in Antarctica.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 11
    Do you know that elephants stand on their toes to communicate? In Siberia, researchers study the endangered status of the world's largest cat.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 12
    A newborn gorilla learns the ropes from a human foster mom, a rare bird makes a surprising return to the Syrian Desert and there is lava collection in Ethiopia.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 13
    Volcanic eruptions on the Galapagos threaten native flora and fauna. National Geographic follows the emperor penguins on a dangerous journey.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 14
    Dr. Robert Ballard leads a team to the world of the spectacular undersea where life thrives under harsh conditions.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 15
    National Geographic editor-in-chief, Chris Johns, chases cheetahs in Botswana. Crittercam reveals how pilot whales thrive in Hawaii's deep waters.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 16
    In China, a big movie helps save a small antelope, while in a tropical paradise, tourists and sharks learn to coexist. An untouched Eden is also found.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 17
    Off the coast of Africa, humpback whales make a comeback. At Yosemite National Park, a bear looks for a midnight snack.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 18
    In Antarctica, counting penguins is a wake-up call to the potential impact of global warming. Grey reef sharks are at home on a military base.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 19
    Follow a group of climbers as they climb the Everest 10 years after the mountain's worst disaster. New lemur species are found in Madagascar.
  • Wild Chronicles: Ep 20
    We reveal an unusual clearing in the forest of the Central African Republic; the Dzanga Bai is a place where all the elephants gather.