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National Geographic Society
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  • Premieres Wednesday, May 15th at 9:30pm HKT, 8:30pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Wild


Wild Hunters is a spectacular journey around the world in search of nature's deadliest predators. Felines, snakes and bears alike fight each day for survival, using a fascinating combination of their biological weapons and hunting strategies to their advantage in an exhilarating show of raw power, strength and endurance. An awe-inspiring close-up of the fierce, everyday life in the wild.


  • Wild Hunters: Cats
    Of all nature's hunters, felines are undoubtedly the elite.
  • Wild Hunters: Reptiles
    Despite their ancient appearance, reptiles are creatures full of surprises and sophistication.
  • Wild Hunters: Snakes
    When on the hunt, snakes judge to perfection the very instant that separates life from death.
  • Wild Hunters: Wolves And Jackals
    Wolves are a supreme example of cooperative hunting, their efficiency based on hierarchy within a pack that demands loyalty.
  • Wild Hunters: Bears
    Bears are among the most supreme predators on Earth.
  • Wild Hunters: Spiders And Scorpions
    It is possible that there are no better equipped hunters on earth than the arachnids.
  • Wild Hunters: Eagles And Hawks
    Few hunters in nature boast the power and majesty of birds of prey.
  • Wild Hunters: Weasels And Raccoons
    Among the wide variety of wild hunters on planet Earth, one group stands out for its opportunism, inventiveness and versatility.