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National Geographic Society
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  • Premieres Sunday November 1st at 8:40pm, 7:40pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Wild


Wild Yellowstone depicts one of the world’s greatest wildernesses as it has never been seen before. A year in the making, the filmmakers applied innovative action sports cinematography to the natural history genre, pushing boundaries with cutting-edge camera stabilisation, drone, time-lapse and infrared technologies. The result is an all-access look at Yellowstone’s stunning animals and vistas.


  • Wild Yellowstone: The Frozen Frontier
    No place on Earth is like Yellowstone in winter. This world of fire and ice has thousands of boiling hot springs, geysers and bubbling mud pots. In Yellowstone every animal struggles to find food and tries to stay alive in a fight for survival against an onslaught of heavy snows, polar temperatures and ferocious predators. Beavers and grizzly bears retreat under cover from the endless blizzard whilst the wolves, red fox and river otters face winter head on. Every animal has its own strategy of survival.
  • Wild Yellowstone: Grizzly Summer
    In summer Yellowstone transforms into a wildlife paradise with a cruel dark side. Grizzly bears emerge from mountain dens to roam for food. Competition with wolves and other bears is fierce. Their journey takes them through an amazing wilderness that tests every animal to the limit. From torrential floods in spring to burning sun in August, Yellowstones summer is always changing and presenting new challenges and opportunities. From these challenges, animal dramas ensue predators on the prowl and parents protecting offspring, grizzly bears fighting wolves, and cutthroat trout running deadly gauntlets of river otters and osprey. Even Yellowstones miniscule bird, the hummingbird, goes to battle, fighting in mid-air to protect a territory of wildflowers. And then theres the massive male bison, which fight furiously during testosterone-fueled ruts. In Yellowstone every animal must fight for territory, struggle to find food, and always try to stay alive.