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  • Premieres Sunday January 14th 10pm, 9pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


After being abducted and abandoned in the jungle, Marina Chapman claims she survived by living with a troupe of monkeys. She says, that for five years, they were her only family. Now, fifty years later, Marina and her daughter are on a quest to find the answers to her life; Who were her real family? Why was she taken? And did she really survive five years alone in the jungle with only monkeys for company? For the first time, Marina Chapman’s incredible story will be put to the test as we forensically examine her claims to have been raised by monkeys. Could a five year old girl really survive in the jungle in the company of monkeys? Working with neuroscientists, forensic anthropologists and primatologists we search for the clue. Will they reveal Marina to be a hoax or prove her amazing story to be true?


  • Woman Raised by Monkeys
    This is the epic story of Marina, who was raised by monkeys after being kidnapped and abandoned in Colombia, uncovering the truth 50 years later.