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Icing sugar sand, pale blue seas and tropical leaves wafting in the warm breeze - the perfect paradise! But where are the world's best beaches? 
After over a decade of travelling and filming around the world we bring the ultimate guide to the most beautiful beaches on the planet. First hand experience reveals the unique secrets of every beach we visit and includes special restaurants and secret hideaways as well as remarkable wildlife and once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Surfing and swimming, snorkelling and sailing - every beach activity is covered. 
Jaw-dropping photography and sound will paint a powerful picture. From the comfort of home you'll almost be able to smell the sea and feel the sand between your toes. 

Exclusive archive film will make this remarkable series stand out. From rare shots of modest Edwardian bathing beauties to sizzling footage of sixties beach parties; from decadent images of resorts reserved for the rich and famous to crazy stories of daredevil early beachgoers. 
We explore hundreds of beaches from all over the world - famous sun spots like Nice, Copacabana and Negril, and unknown stretches of sand in Vietnam, Ghana and Ecuador. Each of the six episodes covers a different continent and culminates at one of the top six beaches on the planet. 
A mystery beach opens every program. Our cool beach-loving host teases our viewers by listing the reasons why this place has been voted the best beach in that part of the world by us. She then takes us on a tour of all the top beaches in the continent before revealing at the end the name of the best beach. 
Grace Bay, Flamenco Beach and The Baths are just some of the magical places in this must- see series for everyone who takes their sun-worshipping seriously.


  • World's Best Beaches: Ep 1
    From the hot spots of the Caribbean to unknown exotic beaches in Guatemala we shortlist the best beaches in the Americas.
  • World's Best Beaches: Ep 2
    The decadent holiday resorts of Monaco, Italy, and France contrast with the upcoming beach destinations of Croatia and Bulgaria.
  • World's Best Beaches: Ep 3
    The dream paradise beach is probably in the Pacific Islands. But which one?
  • World's Best Beaches: Ep 4
    This deep dive into the best beaches of Asia will point out the plus points of every perfect piece of sand.
  • World's Best Beaches: Ep 5
    Some of the best beaches in the world are only just being discovered by travellers to Africa and beyond.
  • World's Best Beaches: Ep 6
    The beach-lovers capital of the world welcomes our cameras to reveal a kaleidoscope of Australian beaches.