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  • Premieres Sunday, June 16th at 10pm HKT, 9pm BKK/JKT
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Towns built three miles high in the mountains, where people survive on precious little oxygen, 747 jumbo jets that wipe out deadly wildfires, buildings that use car engineering to survive devastating earthquakes, and mile-deep lakes that could belch out 424 giga-tonnes of methane - these are the most mind-boggling and extreme places, structures and vehicles in the world. This six-part series will take you where there’s adrenaline, danger and excitement. Using extraordinary archive, edge-of-your-seat UGC, insightful expert interviews, and cutting-edge CGI, the show plunges the viewer into the world’s most extreme places and structures. Weaving together visceral storytelling and huge engineering, we count down the top 10 of the world's most extreme buildings, cities, natural phenomena, cars, aircraft and ships.