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  • Premieres Thursday March 5th at 10pm, 9pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


From airports precariously carved into unstable ice shelves, highways built along 1,000 ft sheer cliffs, to bridges held together by nothing more than rope, and railways running a schedule of homemade trains - these are the jaw-dropping places you’ll never want to visit – unless you have a death wish.


  • World's Most Extreme: Roads
    We’ve built roads in some of the remotest, most surprising and death-defying places in the world. Some, where you won’t believe your eyes. From the Russian highway washed away by mud every year to the Chinese-Tibetan road constantly prone to avalanches and falling rocks, some people’s commutes aren’t as carefree as yours might be.
  • World's Most Extreme: Bridges
    The easiest way to get over a body of water or a gaping canyon – but when things go wrong, they go very wrong. From bridges in the sky to bridges barely standing – these are the most dangerous in the world.
  • World's Most Extreme: Water Ways
    Mankind has been travelling on water for centuries. As we build bigger, faster, and more often than not, safer vessels – the world’s rivers, oceans, seas and lakes remain the same – minefields of danger and disaster. These are the world’s most dangerous waterways.
  • World's Most Extreme: Railways
    Railways revolutionized the world. But now outdated and decrepit, some stand as nothing more than certain death traps. From towns that have been built to inches of the tracks, to trains that have literally gone off the rails – here’s the countdown to the world’s most dangerous railways…
  • World's Most Extreme: Airports
    Landing a plane at a perfect airport in perfect conditions is no easy task in itself. But landing a plane on the side of a mountain – at an angle is a huge challenge for even for the most experienced pilots. And at airports across the world – things inevitably go wrong… very wrong.
  • World's Most Extreme: Tunnels
    Passing through an entire mountain range or diving deep underground, tunnels are feats of the engineering world. But whilst the engineering may be perfect, freak accidents and human error can result in catastrophe. Being scared of the dark in these tunnels will be the least of your worries.