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    • Reassuringly Expensive show

      Reassuringly Expensive

      Our daring rigger Sean Riley burrows into the bowels of a 767 jet – and learns why aircraft engineers are very careful to...

    • Flying High show

      Flying High

      Our very own investigative engineering expert Sean Riley literally scrambles his brain in an air-pressure experiment that...

    • Deep Sea Thruster show

      Deep Sea Thruster

      A giant ocean rig needs a new power plant. This dangerous job needs to be done now or she’s dead in the water.

    • Fantastic Voyage show

      Fantastic Voyage

      Revealing yet more marvels of modern construction, our investigative engineer Sean Riley explores the insides of a leviathan;...

    • Going Nuclear show

      Going Nuclear

      A nuclear power plant needs a new turbine, and it’s a race against time. We’ve got to get the power flowing back to the grid.

    • Behind the Scenes with Sean Riley show

      Behind the Scenes with Sean Riley

      We get up close and personal with Sean Riley to find out what makes him tick.