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Think you know everything about the planet you call home? Think again and prepare to be astounded in this two-hour film, X-Ray Earth.

See the planet as you've never been seen before as we challenge all of your preconceived notions about the world in which we live.

Planet Earth is home, a sanctuary and the cradle of civilization that suspends in the inky blackness of space. It has shaped evolution, history and everything that makes us human.

Making use of cutting-edge scientific tools, this programme travels over, across and deep into the Earth's crust to learn just what makes your world tick.

The result is a comprehensive portrait of a planet that defies your idea of terra firma, and instead lives, breathes and even flexes its muscles.


  • X-Ray Earth
    Using some of the most cutting-edge tools in science, get an inside look at Earth to learn what makes it tick.
  • X-Ray Earth: Seattle Mega Quake
    X-raying the earth reveals a fault off the Pacific Northwest coast which could generate a megaquake and tsunami that will devastate the region.
  • X-Ray Earth: Atlantic Coast Killer
    X-raying the Earth reveals an Atlantic island that could collapse in a mega-landslide, sending a killer tsunami headed straight for the US East Coast.
  • X-Ray Earth: Volcano Apocalypse
    X-Raying the Earth reveals the largest volcano on the planet lies beneath Yellowstone National Park and could plunge the earth into a Volcanic winter.