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Spanning thousands of acres and incorporating hundreds of species of animals; Michelle Oakley’s veterinary practice is Yukon tough. There is no such thing as a typical day in Michelle’s practice. House calls can range from expelling dogs anal glands to getting chased down by the very large Arctic musk-ox.  Accompanied by her teenage daughters and armed with humor as sharp as scalpel, Michelle deftly juggles being a full time Veterinarian, wife and doctor; taking us into unexplored and unexamined regions of the Yukon.


  • Yukon Vet: Fly Like An Eagle
    Dr. Michelle Oakley hits the road brining us along on her house calls. First we venture to a sled dog operation where Michelle examines 26 huskies; and then we meet a milk cow that cant get pregnant. A near fatal emergency call brings Dr. Oakley to her home clinic where she rapidly works on a dog with a face full of porcupine quills. At her satellite clinic in Alaska, Dr. Oakleys improvising skills are put to the test as she turns foam piping into a wing splint for an owl named Aspen. Dr. Oakley finally gets some down time and is able to enjoy a birthday fishing trip with her family. Topping off the week, Michelle travels to the Yukon Wild Life Preserve where a rare chance at a new life presents itself.
  • Yukon Vet: Reindeer Pains
    Dr. Oakley hits the road to meet with an Alaskan local whose rescued pets include a reindeer with a hernia and a hungry moose. After a busy week of clinics, Dr. Oakley takes field trip out to The Yukon Wildlife Preserve. While there she and her daughter Maya vaccinate lynx kittens. Making everything just a little bit harder, her husband Shane is called away to help fight a wild forest fire and middle daughter Maya may or may not be going off to a prestigious art school. Just in case things were in danger of getting too quiet there's an emergency call at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve and Michelle has to rush in to tend to a wounded deer.
  • Yukon Vet: One Angry Muskox
    Dr. Michelle Oakley is going to cover a lot of miles for her job and none of them are going to be easy; her first stop is a local touring company where she discovers the horses may have a highly contagious disease. Then Michelle pays a visit at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve to the angriest muskox in the Yukon. Michelle has a bumpy ride trying to get close enough to examine the ill-tempered beast. With all this excitement comes a little heartbreak as she helps a dog owner figure out the best options for his terminally sick beloved family dog. Michelle proves that being a vet doesn't just mean taking care of an animal and that sometimes caring for an owner is just as important. As for the rest of the Oakley family, while the doctor is away it's all play as Shane struggles to keep the girls occupied and the teenage craziness to a minimum. After an exhausting week Michelle and the whole family head off for oldest daughter Sierra's first caribou hunt, a Yukon rite of passage.
  • Yukon Vet: Caribou Down
    For Dr. Michelle Oakley mating season in the Yukon means she's going to be plenty busy dealing with the birds and bees and the bison and the cows. She hits the road to early check in on Cain, a local farmer, and his cow Priscilla. Cain's worried Priscilla may be sterile and Michelle has to get her hands a little dirty to figure out what the problem is. Michelle checks in on some angry alpacas; giving them shots and determining which ones are ready to mate. A few miles up the road at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve Michelle examines growths on a young caribou. The examination takes a turn forcing Michelle and Randy to step in as the drugged caribou challenges a bull to a scrap. While at the YWP Michelle sets up a test flight for an injured snow owl. If the owl is able to fly it will be released back into the wild. At home the Oakleys have made the decision to spay their very own Daisy Mae Lover-pants. Their dog goes in for surgery and Michelle anxiously takes a backseat as another doctor works on the beloved Oakley pet. Back home her husband Shane is in full Yukon dad mode trying to keep his daughters away from any and all teenage boys within a hundred miles. Later in the week Michelle joins a research project that is helping conserve the wood bison. Michelle and the team visit a rancher who owns a herd of wood bison and collect asemen samples.
  • Yukon Vet: Oakley Get Your Blow Gun
    Dr. Michelle Oakley runs a veterinarian practice in the Yukon Territory. As fall comes to an end, Michelle and her family prepare for another harsh winter. But before the snow gets too high, Michelle wants to take her oldest daughter along on a work trip to Alberta. At the Discovery Wildlife Park in Alberta, Sierra gets to see firsthand how her mom manages physical exams on big cats like jaguars and cheetahs, and they check up on a camel and a bear as well. Next, Michelle and Sierra help out at the Calgary Zoo, reuniting with some old friends, and tending to baby meerkats. Before heading home, they go on a mission to tag some wild sheep in the mountains outside Calgary.
  • Yukon Vet: Winter Is Coming
    Winter weather in the Yukon has come and the cold temperature brings in some serious work for Yukon vet Michelle Oakley. People are rushing in to get their pets checked out before the weather keeps everyone in doors. Not everyone can come into the clinic though, so Michelle makes a house call to a blind farmer who has a male goat who hasn't been able to breed. A herd of wild horses have been roaming a little too close to the highway for comfort and Michelle is tasked with trying to move them away from the road. With a small team Michelle attempts to corral the horses by helicopter. When the animals get dangerously close to a cliff Michelle is faced with a tough decision on whether or not to abort the mission. Then Michelle heads down to the American Bald Eagle Foundation to perform a check-up on a very uncooperative owl named Hans. Willow, her youngest daughter, helps her out with the owl. Later that week, she heads to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve to do a pregnancy test on a bison but before she can get to the bison she enlists husband Shane to insure the bison cow is safe from the bulls.
  • Yukon Vet: Havoc In The Herd