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Like characters from science fiction, humans are shattering boundaries long considered unbreakable. We are exploring the deepest, darkest regions of the planet as well as the edges of the known Universe. We’re morphing with machines and eradicating disease.  Meet the trailblazers who are working on the unexplored frontiers of exploration and innovation. Join Dr. Gary Kobinger as he battles the world’s deadliest viruses and designs a blueprint for stopping the next pandemic.  Tag along with storm chaser, Tim Samaras as he attempts to do the impossible: film a lightning bolt the moment it hits the ground using a camera so powerful, it can shoot at one million frames per second. Travel to Mongolia where research scientist and engineer, Albert Lin believes he’s located the burial ground of the legendary warrior Genghis Khan. Join explorer and filmmaker James Cameron as he dives into the darkest depths of the ocean and accompany Bob Ballard as he deploys a network of underwater scientists around the world to explore the uncharted mysteries of the deep. Experience an incredible odyssey that reveals that superhuman abilities lie not just in strength or intelligence but in the dogged determination of the human spirit to continually seek the next frontier.


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  • The Bionic Man photo

    The Bionic Man

    A paraplegic man is able to walk again, thanks to the power of cutting edge robotic technology.

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