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There’s a team of collectors who see more than just abandoned buildings…they see money! Before the bulldozers roll in, their mission is to dig through these dark, dank and dilapidated structures in the hopes of uncovering forgotten pieces of American history that may just be worth a lot of money. Expert craftsman and collector Jay Chaikin makes a living scouring the nation for abandoned buildings that may hold unexpected “gems” of history with shockingly high values.


  • Abandoned : Philadelphia AME Church
  • Abandoned : Maryland Silk Mill
  • Abandoned : Maryland Gristmill
  • Abandoned : Maine Paper Factory
  • Abandoned : Mississippi Homestead
  • Abandoned : Georgia Cotton Gin
  • Abandoned : Pabst Blue Ribbon Factory
  • Abandoned : Owl City, Pennsylvania Bank
  • Abandoned : Connecticut Ghost Town
  • Abandoned : New York Masonic Lodge
  • Abandoned : Hot Springs Hotel
  • Abandoned : Vermont Marble Factory
  • Abandoned : Scranton Lace Factory



  • Signs Everywhere photo

    Signs Everywhere

    Throughout two barns set for demolition in New York, Jay and his team unearth a gold mine of enamel.

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