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    • Signs Everywhere show

      Signs Everywhere

      Throughout two barns set for demolition in New York, Jay and his team unearth a gold mine of enamel.

    • Searching the Haunted House show

      Searching the Haunted House

      Mark is sent to the Johnson house that purportedly is haunted; can he scare up something to salvage?

    • Mark Gets Lost show

      Mark Gets Lost

      In a six hundred thousand square foot abandoned paper mill, it's not always easy to find the car.

    • Exploring the Infirmary show

      Exploring the Infirmary

      The guys get a chance to explore the former Pabst Brewing Headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    • Car in the Coop show

      Car in the Coop

      The crew finds an old car in an abandoned turkey coop on the Thomas Plantation.

    • Exploring the Cottage show

      Exploring the Cottage

      The guys find some vintage gear worth saving - including a historic B-52 manual.

    • Breaking into the Vault show

      Breaking into the Vault

      Jay gives Mark the herculean task of cracking into a ten ton bank vault in hope of hidden treasures.

    • Searching the Mill show

      Searching the Mill

      Jay Chaikin and his crew have one day to search an ancient grist mill to find abandoned treasure.

    • Duct Tape Boots show

      Duct Tape Boots

      When you forget to bring heavy duty boots to a salvage site, you have to get a little creative.

    • History of the Old Mill show

      History of the Old Mill

      The guys find items that help piece together the story of both the factory and its workers.

    • Bowling in the Basement show

      Bowling in the Basement

      While Jake searches the basement of a Philadelphia AME Church, he discovers an ancient bowling alley.