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Aftermath critically examines what would happen to life on our planet if one fundamental element of our environment is radically altered.  While humans have an incredible ability to adapt, Aftermath investigates mankind’s ability to survive when our environment and resources are pushed to the brink, and we are forced to.  Contemplate our place in the world and examine just how precarious our existence on the planet is.

Here, the science behind each of these extreme scenarios is reveals alongside consequences of the radical changes. “What would happen if…”


  • Aftermath: Population Overload
    The story of the massive upheaval and radical transformation that take place on Earth when the world's population grows to 14 billion people overnight.
  • Aftermath: World Without Oil
    How would we have to change our way of life -- to live without the product we depend upon so heavily?
  • Aftermath: When the Earth Stops Spinning
    The earth has stopped spinning. We are no longer moving at 1100 miles per hour. Half of the planet is in perpetual darkness, the other in perpetual light.
  • Aftermath: Red Giant
    When the sun begins rapidly aging -- turning into a Red Giant -- the world struggles to survive in the withering heat and killing humidity.