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    • The Beginnings show

      The Beginnings

      What would happen if all the oil in the world suddenly disappeared?

    • Desperate about Oil show

      Desperate about Oil

      If we had only one chance to fill up our car? One chance to return home?

    • The Chaos Starts show

      The Chaos Starts

      Without oil, what would happen to our cities? Our food? Our way of life? What would happen to us?

    • In the Dark show

      In the Dark

      The lack of oil will soon cripple our lives, hospitals, food, and power. And the crisis is just beginning.

    • A Different World show

      A Different World

      Without oil, we’ll need other energy sources, how would this impact upon our lifestyle?

    • World without Oil show

      World without Oil

      Oil is one of the most important commodities today. What would our world look like if we ran out of oil?

    • Day 1 show

      Day 1

      What would happen if the earth stops spinning?

    • Dramatic Effects show

      Dramatic Effects

      Discover the reason why the atmosphere would change and the oceans would expand.

    • Earthquakes show


      Why earthquakes are one of the deadliest problems that the Earth would face?

    • Amazing Changes show

      Amazing Changes

      Discover the new Earth, where walking from London to Paris is possible.

    • New World show

      New World

      Welcome to a new world, a very still world.