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    • Risky Landing show

      Risky Landing

      Bush pilot Jack Barber attempts to successfully deliver dangerous fuel to a dirt strip in a mining camp.

    • Tricky Landing show

      Tricky Landing

      The snowy conditions cause one pilot to lose his bearings.

    • Alaskan Flying Lesson show

      Alaskan Flying Lesson

      Meet an experienced Alaska bush pilot who teaches greenhorns how to fly in extreme conditions.

    • Motor Trouble show

      Motor Trouble

      A Cessna pilot makes an emergency landing when his motor starts shaking the small plane.

    • Alaska's Extreme Terrain show

      Alaska's Extreme Terrain

      When you’re landing on an active glacier on Alaska’s Mount McKinley, every landing is a gamble.

    • Prisoner Air Travel show

      Prisoner Air Travel

      Zaz is headed to Noorvik to pick up a trooper and his prisoner - and anything can happen in the air.

    • Spotting Fish from the Air show

      Spotting Fish from the Air

      Herring fishermen in Alaska get a helping hand from fish-spotters in the air.

    • Danger of Collision show

      Danger of Collision

      A sky fisher has a near miss with another plane swarming the air nearby.

    • Landing on a Glacier show

      Landing on a Glacier

      Can Drake pilot waiting students onto a glacier before the impending bad weather swoops in to stay?

    • 11591_kodiak-island-emergency show



    • Plane Full of Sled Dogs show

      Plane Full of Sled Dogs

      Zaz hauls 14 dogs through the Alaskan skies just in time for their sled race.