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Somewhere deep in America’s big backyard, wild things are stalking their prey – little do they know, they are being hunted themselves. 

Acclaimed wildlife tracker Casey Anderson brings audiences off-the-grid for six new adrenaline-soaked expeditions: he camps out on a wild island to investigate aggressive Wolves, rappels into a cave in search of Vampire Bats, comes face-to-face with a rare herd of Alaska’s gargantuan Moose, slices his way through ‘Gator-Heaven’ in the Florida Everglades, helicopters in to witness a face-off between Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Lions and finally, goes into the heart of darkness to experience the unknown world of Yellowstone’s Grizzlies at night. 

Hot on the heels of his elusive quarry in parched desert, saturated rainforest, or frosty tundra, Casey catapults from one extreme to the next in order to seize the one thing that makes the journey...
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