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    • 130 Pounds of Wolf Dog show

      130 Pounds of Wolf Dog

      Casey is at a sanctuary working with a wolf dog, but the wolf seems to come out more than the dog!

    • The Bat Cave! show

      The Bat Cave!

      Casey’s quest for vampire bats takes him into a dark, uncharted pit of earth known as “The Torture Chamber.”

    • Ramming Power! show

      Ramming Power!

      Casey is trying to measure the ramming power of a big horn sheep!

    • Moose Fight show

      Moose Fight

      Casey finds two tangled moose antlers that got stuck together during a fight.

    • Pool of Gators show

      Pool of Gators

      Casey and the local critter catcher go to trap a crocodile in a local swimming pool.

    • Touchdown Brutus! show

      Touchdown Brutus!

      University of Montana’s Grizzly Stadium is hosting Brutus the bear to see how bears travel at night.