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For over a thousand years, Romani, or Gypsy people, have remained hidden from view... until now. National Geographic Channel's brand-new series American Gypsies gives an intimate portrayal of the Johnses, a family steeped in honor, living by their own rules and traditions, and trying to capture their version of the American dream. Over nine episodes, cameras document their effort to preserve age-old Gypsy customs amid the vices of New York City, while upholding their family’s power in the community and expanding their psychic shop empire.


  • American Gypsies: Rivals at War
    dinary Romani, or Gypsy, family in Manhattan. When a rival family encroaches on Nicky’s psychic shop turf, he calls his four brothers into a violent confrontation, landing the whole family in Romani Court.
  • American Gypsies: The Gloves Come Off
    Bobby clashes with his younger brother Nicky when he tries to open a new psychic healing shop without their fathers blessing. Bobbys daughter-in-law goes into premature labor, and the race is on for Grandma Tina to complete an all-important Romani ritual for the newborn. Bobby does his best to support his daughters Amanda and Vivian in their acting dreams, but all does not go according to plan when his brother Nicky finds out what they've been doing.
  • American Gypsies
  • American Gypsies: South Beach Invasion
  • American Gypsies: Ritual Slaughter
  • American Gypsies: Sex, Lies, and Audio Tape
  • American Gypsies: Shotgun Wedding