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    • China’s Lost Pyramids show

      China’s Lost Pyramids

      Enter the secret, splendid and tragic world of China’s mega-tombs, man-made mountains that once proclaimed the might of...

    • Silver Pharaoh show

      Silver Pharaoh

      Discover more about the Silver Pharaoh and explore his tomb.

    • The First Jesus show

      The First Jesus

      Believed to be a Messiah, he was called the King of the Jews. Just before Passover, the Romans beheaded him and crucified many...

    • The Sphinx show

      The Sphinx

      How did the Egyptians build this crouching lion, weighing more than 50 747 jumbo jets?

    • Witch Hunter’s Bible show

      Witch Hunter’s Bible

      The Hammer of Witches, an ancient to finding, prosecuting and killing witches.