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    • The Hammer of Witches show

      The Hammer of Witches

      Hammer of Witches, a legal “witch-hunting” manual, was responsible for approximately 60,000 deaths.

    • Papal Bull show

      Papal Bull

      A quest to understand the incredible success of the Hammer of Witches, was it church endorsement?

    • Heinrich Kramer show

      Heinrich Kramer

      “Witches” are burnt alive following orders from the author of the witch-hunter’s bible Heinrich Kramer.

    • The Hammer´s Approbation show

      The Hammer´s Approbation

      The approval of this controversial book brings disastrous consequences, but was forgery present?

    • Torture show


      Fear and suspicion lead to violent witch-hunts across Europe. Torture was used to gain confessions.

    • Death Count show

      Death Count

      The final count of “witch” deaths are estimated at 40 - 60 thousand.

    • Witch-Hunter’s Bible show

      Witch-Hunter’s Bible

      How did this infamous ancient Manual destroy so many lives?