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Astonishing escapes and daring recoveries.  Shocked witnesses and red-faced authorities.  These story elements and more comprise the heart-pounding, high stakes sagas of ANIMAL FUGITIVES.  Each hour long episode of ANIMAL FUGITIVES will bring to life eight to ten stories of animal escapees and their extraordinary, if fleeting, lives on the lam.  These fast, fun and entertaining takes - ranging from the harrowing to the courteous to the comical - will be told with the help of interviews with law enforcement, zookeepers, and eyewitnesses, as well as news footage intercut with amateur home video shot by quick-thinking onlookers.  The characters we meet in each story will share their emotional recollections at the moment of the animal’s flight, what their first course of action was and how they went about ensuring the animal’s recovery against a backdrop of confusion and chaos.  Each...

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