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Bandit Patrol brings us back to Western Kentucky to follow the dramatic and uplifting stories of wildlife rehabilitation. 

New rehabilitators Brigette and Nikki join Kristin, Nancy, and Linda as they care for injured raptors, orphaned raccoons, and a host of other species. 

With the help of family and friends, they take on the challenge of nurturing these animals back to health—and getting them back to the wild. Bandit Patrol brings compelling stories of survival, and the remarkable bond of healing between humans and wild animals.


  • Bandit Patrol: Owl in the Family
    Springtime in Kentucky has the animal rescuers bustling.
  • Bandit Patrol: Racoons Gone Wild
  • Bandit Patrol: Bat in the Crack
  • Bandit Patrol: The Bald and the Beautiful
    The Allens train a mink; Nikki finds a skunk; Grant aids a hawk; and Brigette helps a bat.
  • Bandit Patrol: Red Hawk Down
  • Bandit Patrol: Vicious Little Mink
    Raccoons are rescued.
  • Bandit Patrol: Bandit Patrol - 101
  • Bandit Patrol: Bandit Patrol - 102
  • Bandit Patrol: Bandit Patrol - 103
  • Bandit Patrol: Bandit Patrol - 104
  • Bandit Patrol: Mission Impossumable
  • Bandit Patrol: All Shell Breaks Loose
  • Bandit Patrol: A Stinky Situation
  • Bandit Patrol: What The Duck?
  • Bandit Patrol: Spunky Skunk
  • Bandit Patrol: Fawn Stars