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A massive one-eyed monster lurking in the Amazon. A freakish desert creature spraying acid and delivering electric shocks. An ape-like creature walking upright in the Indonesian jungle. You won’t find them under your bed. These are the monsters of persistent myth and legend … and may just be based on real creatures. If they are out there, someone needs to find them and document them to prove their existence.

Meet Pat Spain, a young wildlife scientist working in an ultra-advanced biotech facility. He is also an explorer willing to go to extremes to separate fact from fiction. Spain travels the globe in search of mythical creatures that stalk our wildernesses. From the Brazilian Amazon to the Gobi Desert, Spain begins each mission with adventure in his veins and a tradition of investigating monsters in his DNA. His great-uncle, Charles Fort, was a paranormal pioneer who investigated strange reports from around the world at the start of the 20th century. Now Spain continues the legacy of scouting the bizarre and brings the latest technology to search for a scientific explanation for the seemingly outlandish stories that local tribes and residents swear are truth.


  • Beast Man: African Swamp Monster
    The native Pygmy tribes in the Congo Basin speak of the Mokele-mbembe, an animal with a long, thin neck and a body the size of an elephant that seems to resemble a sauropod dinosaur. Could there be a population of dinosaurs living in the remote jungle?
  • Beast Man: Sea Monster
    One of the world's most legendary monsters is a sea serpent known as Cadborosaurus, or "Caddy," which has been reported off the coast of British Columbia for more than a century. But to science, it doesn't officially exist. Now Pat travels to Vancouver Island to track it down.
  • Beast Man: Mongolian Death Worm
    This freakish creature is said to spray acid, send out electric shocks and explode when threatened. Join Pat Spain as he joins the Nomads in the Gobi Desert to garner some leads on the hunt for evidence of this lethal worm.
  • Beast Man: Ape Man of Sumatra
    In the jungles of Sumatra there has been reports of a creature that looks like an ape yet walks like a human. The locals have named it Orang Pendek, or the "little man" of the forest. Spain's assignment is to find out whether a new great ape is waiting to be discovered or if we have a strange new cousin.
  • Beast Man: Amazon Nightmare
    Deep in the Brazilian Amazon lurks tales of a massive one-eyed monster. With slashing claws, a savage howl, noxious stench and a gaping mouth in its body, and the locals tremble to repeat its name: mapinguari. Spain's investigation goes cold until he hears a distinct animal call in the dark of the Amazon that mimics the locals' description....