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Discover three species of animal that have evolved into some of the world’s smartest animals. How do dogs know when their owners are coming home? Are pigeons faster than cheetahs? And can a pig really grow to ‘Hogzilla’ proportions? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Hog Genius explores the speed at which pigs can learn and the contribution they make to medical research due to their resemblance to humans.

In Pigeon Genius learn how these birds navigate their way home, flying hundreds of miles through unfamiliar territory.

Finally, everyone knows the domestic dog as man’s best friend, but there’s much more to this remarkable animal than unconditional companionship and a wagging tail. Dog Genius sees the many facets of dog intelligence, which in some respects are closer to our own than even chimpanzees. From their wild evolutionary beginnings as wolves to the...
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