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    • Container Caravan show

      Container Caravan

      During the containers ride up the mountain, the guys encounter problems on sharp turns and icy roads.

    • The Clients show

      The Clients

      The Cabin Kings struggle to keep a client with big visions happy.

    • The Old-Fashioned Way show

      The Old-Fashioned Way

      The guys raise the first wall of their new cabin by hand.

    • Who’s Buying? show

      Who’s Buying?

      An impromptu logging competition is helping Paulie motivate the guys to get stuff done quickly.

    • Off To School show

      Off To School

      Paulie and Tuffy put their faith in the school teacher to help get the roof built.

    • Rope Bridges and Lofts! show

      Rope Bridges and Lofts!

      After finishing the rope bridge, the clients battle for the penthouse room in the cabin.

    • Road’s Going to Hell Fast show

      Road’s Going to Hell Fast

      Tuffy tries to get the lumber up the mountain but his truck gets stuck!

    • A Bad Idea! show

      A Bad Idea!

      The guys are testing the cabin’s floor stability with the weight of a truck.

    • The Duck Blind show

      The Duck Blind

      The guys show how inventive they are to build a duck blind and to finish the cabin.