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See how the world’s animals and insects have evolved into cunning killers.

From the jungle's big cats to the garden spider, these creatures have learned to survive by outrunning or outwitting their prey and by using some of nature's cleverest and most deadly tools. Some have developed the speed and dexterity for the CHASE; a golden eagle swoops in for the kill at breakneck speed, just as a penguin dives deep below the surface, tucking in its feathers for minimum resistance against the water.

Less speedy animals have developed the skills to lure their prey to them. Take the crab spider, perfectly camouflaged on a leaf, camping out and ready to AMBUSH his unlucky insect dinner. But the killer instinct lurks in the unlikeliest of places. Even the exotic Venus fly trap plant - an UNLIKELY CARNIVORE - has developed a taste for beetle juice. Meanwhile the rattlesnake silently lifts its head in the shadows, using STEALTH as its deadly weapon, waiting for the right moment to sink its teeth into an unsuspecting rat.


  • Built for the Kill: Rainforest
    From the crushing jaws of the jaguar to the venomous fangs of giant tarantula, see how the Amazon forest is home to extraordinary predators and prey.
  • Built for the Kill: Reef
    From the eight-armed octopus to the agile whitetip reef shark, see how the coral reef's extraordinary predators and prey interact.
  • Built for the Kill: Swamp
    From the power of the alligator to the disguise of the snapping turtle, see how the swamps are home to some extraordinary predators and prey.
  • Built for the Kill: Cold Blooded
    Experience the menace of the 'Cold Blooded Killers', from venomous snakes, toothy crocodiles and deadly lizards, to snapping turtles and gravity defying geckoes; these are real life monsters.
  • Built for the Kill: Flying Insects
    The world of flying insects is a colourful and varied one. From the deceptive cannibal praying mantis to horrific dragonfly larvae impaling unsuspecting fish on spring-loaded, dagger-like mouthparts.
  • Built for the Kill: Undersea Deception
    The world's oceans are filled with a bewildering array of predators, many of which have developed ingenious methods of killing their prey. Impersonation and deception is one of the most successful strategies: frogfish blend into the background and use a rod and lure to fish for their next meal, while stonefish and devilfish lie in wait for unsuspecting passers-by.
  • Built for the Kill: Bird of Prey
    Built for the Kill - Bird of Prey takes a look at some of the most graceful killers in the air; Precisely designed hunters, perfect stalkers and masters of aerial combat, birds of prey, also known as raptors, are the killing machines of the skies.
  • Built for the Kill: Jaws
    Examines the spectacular armory that the most infamous of predators wear in their mouths, including a detailed look into the gaping, toothy jaws of the Great White.
  • Built for the Kill: Packs
    From simple feeding frenzies to carefully choreographed violence designed to bring down the biggest and strongest of prey, this episode takes a look at the way animal packs hunt.
  • Built for the Kill: Shark
    Shark looks below the surface at the ocean's most terrifying predators. Learn about how they detect their prey, what triggers a feeding frenzy. Take a detailed look at their predatory traits: super-sensitive smell, sight, battery of teeth and powerful jaws.
  • Built for the Kill: Killer Canine
    Some of them live among us, on our hearths and couches, but deep in their canine genes lies a killing communion with their wild/ancient cousins.
  • Built for the Kill: Cat
    Built for the Kill Cat reveals some of the most graceful hunters on land with the blueprint to be lethal killers. Cats are well adapted for hunting down their victims in different environments and have a large armoury of tools to execute the perfect kill.
  • Built for the Kill: Speed
    This program races through the many deadly predators who use speed as their weapon of choice.
  • Built for the Kill: Snake
    Snakes are cold blooded, calculating, cutthroat killers and among the most diverse creatures on earth. All snakes hunt live prey, using extraordinary senses and strategies to make sure they're - built for the kill.
  • Built for the Kill: Claws
    They can gently tend eggs, hold on tight, scratch an itch and woo a mate, but don't let their more peaceful functions fool you, claws evolved for the deadliest of ends. They slice, they grab, they tear, they impale. Clawed and taloned predators terrorize earth and water with their deadly weapons.
  • Built for the Kill: Lions
  • Built for the Kill: Polar Bears
  • Built for the Kill: White Sharks
  • Built for the Kill: Crocodile
  • Built for the Kill: Killer Whale
  • Built for the Kill: Built for the Kill 501
  • Built for the Kill: Wolf
  • Built for the Kill: Built for the Kill 502
  • Built for the Kill: Built for the Kill - 503
  • Built for the Kill: Hyena
  • Built for the Kill: Built for the Kill - 504
  • Built for the Kill: Grizzly Bear
  • Built for the Kill: Desert
    From the heat-seeking rattlesnake to the rattler's nemesis, the roadrunner, see how the desert is home to extraordinary predators and prey.
  • Built for the Kill: Grassland
    From the speed of the cheetah to the specialized hunting skills of the aardvark, the battles between predator and prey on the African grasslands are deconstructed in dramatic second-by-second analyses of the moments leading up to, and following, a kill.
  • Built for the Kill: Miniature
    From a huge raiding colony of ferocious army ants to the deliberate and deadly praying mantis, see how extraordinary miniature predators interact with their prey.
  • Built for the Kill: Ocean
    Witness how the ocean is home to many animals who are "built for the kill," as they fight for survival beneath the waves in dramatic second-by-second analysis of the moments leading up to, and following, a kill.
  • Built for the Kill: Cold
    This episode explores polar bears and wily coyotes, that have learned to pounce, dive and claw their way to kill – and survive – in the cold climate.
  • Built for the Kill: Hidden
    The ability to hide can make all the difference between life and death. This episode explores the variety of camouflage techniques in the wild.
  • Built for the Kill: Forest
    This episode explores the deep world of the forest – a hunting ground where predators and prey play the deadly game of hide-and-seek.
  • Built for the Kill: River
    The hunting skills of the river dolphin, jumping aruana fish and long-tongued tamandua are explored in this episode.
  • Built for the Kill: Island
    Amazing animal behaviour is explored in this episode including that of the Galapagos Finche, who drinks the blood of other birds and the Santa Catalina Rattlesnake, who have developed into successful hunters by losing their rattle.
  • Built for the Kill: Night
    From crushing boa constrictors to venom-laden scorpions, these creatures operate by moonlight as they creep in silence, waiting to pounce from the shadows.
  • Built for the Kill: Built for the Chase
    The chase is a deadly contest between predator and prey. This program examines how various animals hunt and capture their prey.
  • Built for the Kill: Ambush
    Ambush predators are the snipers of the animal kingdom. Some predators have evolved amazing camouflage to enhance their ambush tactics.
  • Built for the Kill: Poison
    Get up close and personal with some animals that carry deadly poisons.
  • Built for the Kill: Macro Gladiators
    Enter a world of predator and prey, where sophisticated weapons, split-second reactions and unrivalled cunning all play a part: spiders that throw their webs at unsuspecting prey, beetles that suck the very life from their victims, or wasps that grow within the body of a living host caterpillar.
  • Built for the Kill: Stealth Killers
    This episode provides an intimate portrait of some of the most devious critters alive.
  • Built for the Kill: Unlikely Carnivores
    Nature's most improbable predators come in all disguises. Enter a world where even the most innocent of plants possess killer traps.