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    • Strange Behaviors show

      Strange Behaviors

      Caught in the Act reveals some of the most incredible and disturbing animal acts ever captured on film.

    • Predators show


      When predators share an environment, the battle for food is a fact of life.

    • Maternal Instinct show

      Maternal Instinct

      A mother will go to great lengths to protect her young – risking serious injury, even death, to protect her offspring.

    • Mortal Enemies show

      Mortal Enemies

      Lions and hyenas have waged war for centuries. Watch what happens when these two competitors come face-to-face.

    • Dangerous Confrontations show

      Dangerous Confrontations

      Find out some of the most vivid, disturbing and remarkable wildlife moments.

    • Big Cats show

      Big Cats

      These felines are not always the righteous “monarchs” they might seem to be.