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World-renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Milan works with families rescuing difficult shelter dogs.  Many of these animals have been abused or neglected, and are anything but well behaved. Because of this, many adoptions fail within the first two weeks. Cesar is on a mission: He’ll put the families’ homes under high-tech surveillance for 14 days to identify the problems, and correct them before it’s too late. First, a family’s four-year-old son says he’s ready for his very own pet, but with an existing dog in the house, not to mention an infant, this dream rescue soon turns into a full-blown doggie nightmare. Next, a mother and daughter want to adopt a companion for their misbehaved Yorkshire terrier, but end up with a mutt with serious potty training issues and a crippling fear of the stairs. Will these adoptions stick, or will the dogs be going back to the pound?
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