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Q.  You met a lot of young people who are instigating change across these continents. How do you feel this will affect the local cultures?

A.  Well, all the people I met affecting change in their countries come from their local cultures and I believe that is what brings the best results on the ground. Over the years I have seen many international NGOs working, but the best work I have seen comes from local initiatives.
Q. What was the most rewarding experience filming Don’t Tell My Mother?

A. It has been three years now that I have criss-crossed the world filming for Don’t Tell My Mother and every country I visit leaves me with unforgettable experiences. But if I had to pick two I would say North Korea and Pakistan.
Q.  You helped “keep the peace” in several cities, from rounding up cows in Delhi to helping fight crime in Johannesburg. What safety issues did you encounter while filming Don’t Tell My Mother and what precautions should travellers take?

A. First of all, I do not participate in law enforcement; I am only a witness to it. It is very important to keep your distances in these situations because I do not condone or condemn these events – that is for the viewers to make their own opinions about it. However for travellers, they should follow the general guidelines such as be aware of your surroundings, get local knowledge about where to go and at what time of the day. Night is always more dangerous in certain places.
Q. In Don’t Tell My Mother 3, you exposed local flavour and provided a true cultural experience. How can travellers get this “inside” perspective when they visit these cities?

A. The best way to get "inside" is to spend time in the city and try to meet someone who is not just a travel guide and who can show you around local spots.
Q. How do you choose which cities to visit?

A. Well I like cities that are big and crazy. It can be crazy in many different ways: crazy dangerous, crazy fun ... The only problem is that there are many cities I have done in the past (like Kabul or Baghdad) so I always have to come up with new ideas.



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