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If a neutron star came barrelling toward Earth – threatening the survival of man and the planet itself – what would mankind do?  With large scale planet evacuation our only hope, how could we create a massive spaceship – able to sustain a large population for as long as a century – that can travel at least 65 trillion kilometres?  Are we capable of developing an engine strong enough to power a spaceship 25 kilometres long to a distance so great?  We have no knowledge of any other planets that are supporting life.  Placing the ultimate gamble on an educated guess, where in the universe do we send this ship.  How do we replicate life on Earth – establishing gravity, give us air to breathe and food to eat on a journey that could last several generations?  And, most importantly, who would be selected to keep the human race alive, what will be the fates of those left behind?  Go with NGC on a mission to Evacuate Earth.


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  • Evacuate Earth



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