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The four part Fascinating Taiwan series includes Taste of the Tropic: Taiwan, Cradle of Mandopop, Taiwan: Island of Fish, and Electric Techno Neon God: San Tai Zi. It all starts with Taste of the Tropic: Taiwan on Thursday, November 26th, airing at 2PM and 8PM.


  • Fascinating Taiwan: Taste of the Tropic: Taiwan
    Taiwan, the only green island on the tropic of cancer, will be the destination for Harry's summer adventure. By following the route of the tropic of cancer, Harry will travel 5 main areas of central Taiwan. From the west side to the east, this trip will cross from small rock island, the sandbank, high mountain to the rift valley. The 300-kilometer journey is definitely not an easy task. Without preparing any transportation budget, Harry, a master of both food and extreme sport, will need to find his way to complete the journey.
  • Fascinating Taiwan: Cradle of Mandopop
    Taiwan is a small island, but its musical influence is massive. Making it here in Taiwan opens the door to a pan-Asian music scene worth billions of dollars each year. A world of mega concerts, frantic fans, high-return sponsorship, and above all-stardom. The Mandarin music scene – Mandopop – holds massive rewards for the few that make it big. This is the story of some of the bands who are aiming for the top. The stakes are great – their dreams are greater…. The winner could emerge as the most successful Asian band in the world. Success in Taiwan could make them become Mandopop megastars.
  • Fascinating Taiwan: Taiwan: Island of Fish
    Taiwan is an island, and thanks to its geography it’s also a marine biologist’s paradise. Thanks to favourable currents, its seas are blessed with many species of fish. As a result, the Taiwanese diet includes a large quantity of fish dishes. However, stocks are being depleted and many of the most prized species are under threat. So the Taiwanese are developing sustainable seafood. Some chefs turn the commonest species into desirable dishes; others preserve fish to minimize waste. Throughout the land, people are being encouraged to use their creativity to ensure that their diet remains sustainable – or soon one of the mainstays of Taiwanese culture will be a thing of the past.
  • Fascinating Taiwan: Electric Techno Neon God: San Tai Zi