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On the new series FILTHY RICHES, we travel across the country to find industrious and ingenious Americans who prove they're not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands DIRTY to make a living.  Dealing in the diverse, exotic and, even occasionally, cringe-worthy underground economy of crud.  One thing remains the same amongst these mavericks – they’re all cashing in big in the process!  

On the unpredictable Delaware River, Ray Turner has built an eel weir where he catches EELS migrating to the ocean.  Ray has been working on the river for over 30 years.  Every day, Ray battles the unforgiving river current to protect his weir from falling apart.  After harvesting the eels, he takes his bounty back to his self-constructed smokehouse where he processes, smokes, and sells them.  

In the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky, Billy Taylor and his sons hunt the prized root...
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