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    • Honey Pot Spot show

      Honey Pot Spot

      Bloodwormers Jim and Andy run into trouble at a notorious wilderness site called "The Men’s Club."

    • The Eel King show

      The Eel King

      Jumping into a boatload of squirming eels takes a special kind of man.

    • The Shroom Biz show

      The Shroom Biz

      Chris and Levena scramble to gather mushrooms ahead of a rainstorm and market day.

    • The War of Worms show

      The War of Worms

      Things turn nasty when Jim’s son tries to encroach on the senior wormers’ territory.

    • Hollowed Out Hope show

      Hollowed Out Hope

      Al’s truck has a 10,000-lb. payload, but it may not be enough to show a valuable burl who’s boss.

    • Not a Done Deal show

      Not a Done Deal

      A $12,000 ginseng sale turns nasty when a new buyer tries to change the terms.