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‘Building fish mansions not fish bowls’ is their mantra and this sensational series shows why.

Follow the best in the aquarium industry as they battle against piscatorial peril to create the most extreme fish tanks and fill them with exotic species from around the world.

Taking on the most mammoth of missions, no job is too big for the Fish Tank Kings, but one of the first tasks of the series lands them in deep water when they are asked to transform an almighty aquarium at the Rainforest Café.  Later, it’s sink-or-swim when they promise a tantalising tank for a client who requests a 600-gallon aquarium with a live coral reef. Then, with a tank that has seen better days, the Florida Aquarium enlists the team to bring it back to life, and manager Matt plunges to the bottom of the ocean to do so. Elsewhere, the crew find themselves in dangerous waters when given just three weeks to build a 3,000-gallon shark tank to be the centrepiece of a new pet store.

Under intense pressure, they work tirelessly to pull it off in time for the grand opening. But will they complete this watery work in time?


  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Tank Kings - 209
  • Fish Tank Kings: Shark Tank
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Tank Kings - 210
  • Fish Tank Kings: Jellyfish Jackpot
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Tank Kings - 211
  • Fish Tank Kings: Pufferfish Palace
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Tank Kings - 212
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Tank Kings - 213
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Tank Kings - 214
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Tank Kings - 215
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Tank Kings - 216
  • Fish Tank Kings: Extreme Tankover
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Upon A Star
  • Fish Tank Kings: Pimp My Tank
  • Fish Tank Kings: Card Sharks
  • Fish Tank Kings: Finsanity
  • Fish Tank Kings: 7th Inning Catch
  • Fish Tank Kings: The Amazing Aqua-Van
    The team must transform a Volkswagen Minibus into a fish tank for a local car dealer. Engineering a tank that will weigh 4,000 pounds when filled with saltwater and fish is the hardest task they have attempted so far. Meanwhile, fish geek Francis is looking for an assistant. Soon, he puts potential candidate Heather to the test by giving her a quiz on fish species, having her go on a deep-sea dive and having her perform a risky surgical procedure on a venomous fish. Will she make it?
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Tank Kings - 201
  • Fish Tank Kings: Desperate Housetanks
    Ben must install a pair of outsized fish tanks around a fireplace at a private residence in Orlando. This proves to be challenging for Ben, and if he can't pull it off it will jeopardize the company's reputation and make it impossible for the family to move into their home. Meanwhile, Mat goes to Chicago to work on terrarium for an amphibian known as the Panamanian Golden Frog- a rare animal on the brink of extinction. If the tank isn't perfect, the survival of the species could be at risk.
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Tank Kings - 202
  • Fish Tank Kings: Big Bowl of Gumbo Limbo
    The team has been commissioned to revive a showcase aquarium. They must create a seascape that mirrors a sea turtle's natural habitat. However, the tank's marine life, including sharks and stingrays cannot be removed from the premises, so someone will have to swim with the carnivores. Then one tough client wants three tanks in one, completed in a fraction of the time the crew allots for such complex projects.
  • Fish Tank Kings: Love's a Beach
    Francis decides to bring his lady friend to work and make her a tank full of live coral. Meanwhile, a huge client has commissioned the team with an incredible project at Grand Cayman. The tension mounts for Francis when Mat forbids him to spend his professional time to work on the tank for Lauren and sends him to Grand Cayman to oversee the project.
  • Fish Tank Kings: Turning a New Reef
    Jose goes to meet with a client who wants a temporary aquarium built and installed in only two weeks. He is confronted with a difficult decision: should he give in to their requests, which might cost him his job, or install the temporary tank for the famous client who might bring his team favorable publicity? Meanwhile, Ben and Francis visit Orlando, Fla., to perform a total reef makeover. If anything goes wrong with this tight deadline, this house of cards is going to come tumbling down.
  • Fish Tank Kings: Little Mermaids
    Orthodontist Dr. Kawa has a simple request for the new addition to his waiting room aquarium: something ?that no one has ever seen before.? Jose and the guys have an idea, and it involves a ?mermaid's purse.? Using shark eggs that are rarely seen in fish tanks, Jose performs a surgical procedure of his own to create something truly unique. Then, the team is hired by one of the largest pet fish suppliers in South Florida to build a tank perfect for underwater gardening, or ?aquascaping.?
  • Fish Tank Kings: There's a Tree in My Tank
    The FTKs are hired to create something completely unique: an African lake re-created in a tank swarming with freshwater cichlids and topped off with an African sausage tree. Jose has never seen a tree like this and worries that his replica might bring the entire project crashing to the ground. Meanwhile, setbacks plague a construction project to build a brand new, state-of the-art quarantine facility that will allow the Kings to provide a variety of fish to their clients.
  • Fish Tank Kings: Fish Tank Kings - 208


  • Shark Eggs photo

    Shark Eggs

    Francis is doing surgery on a Shark’s egg to make a window for viewing the embryo while it grows.

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