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    • Amazon Giant show

      Amazon Giant

      It’s a gruelling expedition, but after days in an extreme environment, Vágner makes the catch of a lifetime.

    • Colossal Catfish show

      Colossal Catfish

      Vágner endures torrential rain and sleep deprivation to catch the mega catfish of the Amazon.

    • Nile Mammoth show

      Nile Mammoth

      Extreme heat, wind and sandstorms make the journey treacherous and have Vágner struggling to push on.

    • Texas Titan show

      Texas Titan

      Jakub searches for an alligator gar, known for their bony skulls, armour-like scales and piercing teeth.

    • Living Dinosaur show

      Living Dinosaur

      Vágner joins local experts on a mission to catch and tag white sturgeon to aid the species’ survival.

    • Extreme Expedition show

      Extreme Expedition

      Lurking in the murky depths of the world’s great waterways are bizarre aquatic giants.