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    • Sungazer Lizard show

      Sungazer Lizard

      Lucy joins a group of researchers who are releasing a Sungazer Lizard into the wild.

    • Devil Chum show

      Devil Chum

      Lucy and Jeff collect roadkill and use it to attract Tasmanian Devils.

    • Poo Patrol show

      Poo Patrol

      After collecting dung beetles with crap traps, Lucy puts the little guys to work.

    • Why the Big Nose? show

      Why the Big Nose?

      Lucy is trying to understand why the Proboscis Monkey has such an unusually large nose.

    • Vulture Rehabilitation show

      Vulture Rehabilitation

      Lucy visits a wildlife center where Cape Vultures are recovering from injuries and poisoning.

    • World's Weirdest Penis show

      World's Weirdest Penis

      Lucy is on a hunt for the world's weirdest penis and the Echidna named Grumpy has got the goods.