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  • Elk have multiple chambers in their stomachs. This helps them to break down tough foods and extract the necessary nutrients.

  • Bears will not attack unless they feel threatened so make loud noises, the bears will usually go away.

  • Cougars tend to be solitary creatures that watch their prey before pouncing at the right moment. They are known to be silent stalkers and are hard to see.

  • Black bears have a very keen sense of smell. They can weigh up to 600 lbs and run up to 35 mph.

  • Some of the animals that live in Owyhee include black bears, cougars, coyotes, snakes, and spiders.

  • Rattlesnakes are usually in deserts. They will only attack when they are threatened and sometimes that means simply just walking by one.

  • Panicking after a bite will raise your heart rate which will spread the venom throughout your body quickly.

  • Twisting your ankle can mean you not being able to climb out of a canyon or any other situation you’re in. You would be limited to slow and leveled walking and nothing more.

  • You can avoid rock fall by evaluating the condition of the rocks you are walking under. You should also make sure you are not standing under a rock in case it breaks apart.

  • Walking up a steep hill using the switchback method will save a lot of energy for the Hiker. Walking straight up a hill will make you more tired.

  • Hiking in the desert, you will most likely be sweating. You will need to replace that water as quickly as possible since the heat will cause you to lose more sweat.

  • You will always want to shake out your boots when they have been sitting out for some time. Scorpions and spiders like to roost in places like boots.

  • Almost 1,000 bat species in the world and they make up a quarter of the mammal population.

  • Daily freezing and heating of rocks causes it to break down and tumble down the slope of a mountain.

  • It is common rock climbing etiquette to yell out when a rock is falling to alert others behind you. This is to avoid any injuries.

  • A rainstorm can cause flash floods. Flash floods are very dangerous as they can sweep in a car and there is a lot of rocks and debris in the water which makes it much more deadly.



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