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    • Crash Landing show

      Crash Landing

      Tow truck operator Sam rescues a man in shock after his truck crashes on California’s Donner Pass.

    • Tow Queen show

      Tow Queen

      The bad boys of towing have nothing on trucker Becky who knows how to thrive in a man’s world.

    • Life on the Line show

      Life on the Line

      Tow Dog Justin arrives on a blizzardy scene to find an overturned car and himself in danger’s way.

    • Dead on Arrival show

      Dead on Arrival

      Becky’s teenage son helps her tow a car that crashed and rolled 40 feet into a snow embankment.

    • Special Delivery show

      Special Delivery

      Eddie is stuck in backed up traffic on his way to a tow when he gets a call from his pregnant wife.

    • Death Knocking show

      Death Knocking

      The recent highway death of a fellow operator has the Tow Dogs on edge.

    • No Cash, No Carry show

      No Cash, No Carry

      The young driver of a smashed pickup struggles to find a way to pay for his expensive tow.

    • Double Trouble show

      Double Trouble

      A Running Bear tow team cruises Donner Pass and possibly finds more than it can handle.