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Take a look and explore Berlin’s underground labyrinth of bunkers and tunnels.

Best-selling author and Second World War historian Antony Beevor’s output has been acclaimed for its epic sweep and vivid portrayal of the lives of ordinary people.

As he returns to Berlin, he delves into a world that he has never seen before: an underground labyrinth of bunkers and tunnels that sheltered both citizens and soldiers during Russia’s attack on the city in the last days of the Third Reich.

In 1945, with Berlin surrounded and 90% of the city destroyed, tens of thousands of Germans hid underground in a vast network of secret bunkers and tunnels, stretching nearly sixty miles under the Berlin streets. Some bunkers are in virtually the same condition as they were in 1945. Still found scattered about are the disturbing sights of old artillery shells, gas masks and even a small helmet designed for a teenager.


  • Hitler's Secret Bunkers
    Antony Beevor, the award winning historian, tells the story of the last hundred days of the Nazi regime, as the Russians smash their way into Berlin, destroying 90% of the city, only leaving a secret network of underground bunkers. Many have been hidden from public view - until now. Eye witnesses, including the news reader who spoke the last words of the Nazi regime, tell their chilling stories as he explores whats left underground bunkers with their original beds, artillery shells, gun sights, gas masks and even a small helmet for a15 year old boy, a chilling reminder of the child soldiers recruited by Hitler at the every end.