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Human beings pride themselves on being the most intelligent species on earth. But many of our base behaviors are the same as a pack of dogs, a flock of geese… even seahorses. No matter how civilized we think we are, behaviors influence everything we do. To prove it, we send a fearless team out on a “human safari” to see how humans interact in the urban jungle. We conduct social experiments in pick-up bars, elevators, skate parks and paintball fields, and shoot compelling footage that mirrors the actions of wild animals. We run our footage by animal experts, biologists, a neurologist, and body language specialists. The results are shocking. From mating rituals to herding instincts to pecking orders, we are all still very much linked to our animal brethren. So the next time someone calls you an animal, thank them! Our primal instincts are what keep the human race alive… and...
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