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Rebels, Radicals, Mavericks, Change Makers. I am a Rebel is a documentary series about unfamiliar yet game changing characters who prove that change only happens when you break the rules.  4 characters, 4 periods, 4 worlds: New York’s first crime scene photographer Weegee shines a light on organized crime at the height of Prohibition-era gang wars in New York. His photography changes the way police fight crimes. In the face of racially motivated police brutality Louis Moore hijacks Southern Airways Flight 49 to seek justice from the city of Detroit. His botched mission leads toward sweeping reforms in airport security and new awareness about this timely issue.  Chemistry genius Alexander Shulgin creates a backyard laboratory where he invents over 250 psychedelic drugs, including a breakthrough tool for psychotherapy called MDMA. But when MDMA escapes his laboratory and hits the streets as the club drug Ecstasy, Shulgin goes to war with the DEA to protect his greatest invention. Today MDMA is doctor’s greatest hope for treating PTSD. Kevin Mitnick is the first “darkside hacker” to make headlines in the 1980s for using his “social engineering” skills to send the FBI on a cat and mouse chase. After being captured Mitnick helps the government understand computer security, and he turns hacking into a respectable career.  These stories are seemingly disparate, but they share a common thread: Outsiders finding their voices in the underworlds of vice. Out of this darkness come lightning bolts that lead to change.