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In The Womb takes us on a series of remarkable journeys into the extraordinary world of fetal development.

Using ground-breaking photography, state-of-the-art special effects and amazing 4D scans National Geographic's In The Womb takes us on a series of remarkable journeys into the extraordinary world of fetal development. Witness the moment a single fertilsed egg splits in two to create identical twins. Explore the intricate processes that occur in the womb to shape two supreme predators, the lion and the domestic cat.

We reveal the dog's first stages of life and its common ancestor the wolf. Encounter reproduction and gestation at its most extreme including the embryonic shark that turns cannibalistic and the wasp that hijacks the bodies of others for the development of its young. From the bizarre to the breath-taking, we take you on four unique journeys that unlock the secrets of fetal development and reveal life in the womb – as it’s never been seen before.


  • In the Womb: Cats
    The cat family is one of the most successful animal groups. They naturally occur on every continent except Australia and Antarctica, and come in all shapes and sizes; from the small, harmless house-cat, to the King of Beasts, the lion, to the fastest animal on land, the cheetah. Yet how different are they? They're certainly different species and vastly differing sizes, but they share many of the same instincts and behaviour and many of the same characteristics as they grow in the womb. In this programme we'll discover what kittens and lion cubs acquire before they're even born that equips them to be such incredible predators when they're grown up.
  • In the Womb
  • In the Womb: Dogs
    This film will follow the in womb development - from fertilisation to birth - of three domesticated dogs and their single ancestor, the gray Wolf.
  • In the Womb: Animals
    Since mammals first evolved more than two hundred million years ago, they have spread across the globe and conquered every part of the planet. Yet, perhaps the most dangerous and difficult journey that any mammal ever undertakes is the one it takes inside its mother’s womb – the gestation period from fertilisation of the egg, through to birth. We follow this incredible and hazardous journey, in intimate detail, with three different mammals: the elephant, the dog and the dolphin. State of the art visual effects, computer graphics and real-time, moving ultra-sound pictures give us never-before-seen pictures from inside the mammalian womb.
  • In the Womb: Identical Twins
  • In the Womb: Twins, Triplets and Quads
    By using groundbreaking technology In the Womb takes viewers into the extraordinary world of twins, triplets and quadruplets as they develop in utero. Following the stories of three expectant mothers from conception to birth the series travels inside the womb to see the tiny foetuses begin to interact with each other - pushing, kicking and even what looks like playing and kissing.