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This feature-length documentary tells the story of seven critical moments that shaped the man who became a twentieth century icon. America’s most popular modern president was a man of great vision who inspires to this day.

But behind the conviction and the charisma, JFK was a man of contradictions. A wise and cautious leader who behind the scenes, lived his personal life on the edge. A vision of health and vigor hiding a private struggle with his health from the world. There are seven key days that will change the way you see him - moments of crisis, times when he had to stand up and decide his own future and the future of the nation. The day he rescued the stricken crew of his Navy patrol boat in World War Two and became an American War hero; the television debate with Nixon that helped win him the election and marked the dawn of the TV age; Marilyn Monroe’s birthday serenade that risked his political career; the Cuban Missile Crisis when he prevented the world from plunging into nuclear war; the day he threw his weight behind the civil rights cause, and of course the fateful day of his assassination.

In the year that marks the fiftieth anniversary of his death, the film includes interviews with friends and colleagues of JFK, as well as leading historians, rare archive material and dramatic reconstruction to give the audience front-row seats to these world-changing events.