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    • Bee Charmer! show

      Bee Charmer!

      Jeremy is rescuing a colony of bees but if he doesn't do his job correctly the bees will die.

    • Anal Glands show

      Anal Glands

      Working at a veterinary hospital, Jeremy is helping the doctor express anal glands.

    • Giraffe Hug show

      Giraffe Hug

      One of Jeremy’s jobs for the day is to wrangle a new born giraffe for her first neonatal exam.

    • Waking Up! show

      Waking Up!

      For a lion, a trip to the dentist office is a little different than it is for you and me!

    • Safety First show

      Safety First

      Jeremy is catching male piglets for castration but the momma doesn't want him messing with her babies.

    • Horse Logging show

      Horse Logging

      Horse logging on the farm has turned out to be a very dangerous job and Jeremy learns this first hand.

    • Wrestling an Ostrich show

      Wrestling an Ostrich

      After Jeremy realizes ostriches have an amazing kicking ability, he is second guessing today’s job.

    • New York’s Finest show

      New York’s Finest

      Jeremy is spending the day fighting crime.