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    • Serengeti Scenes show

      Serengeti Scenes

      In such a vast and brutal terrain, what does it take to film carnage in the Serengeti?

    • Shark’s Eye View show

      Shark’s Eye View

      Andy swims with seals as they zigzag through dangerous shark infested waters.

    • Tracking the Polar Bear show

      Tracking the Polar Bear

      Get a seal’s-eye-view as a photographer dips under ice where temperatures are below freezing.

    • Shark Bite Cam show

      Shark Bite Cam

      Check out an inside view of a shark’s throat and gills after it bites into a hidden camera.

    • Search for the Ghost Bear show

      Search for the Ghost Bear

      When there’s only a single bear for hundreds of miles, how do photographers find the big predators?

    • Remote Controlled Camera show

      Remote Controlled Camera

      You’ve never been this close to massive male lions in the wild.

    • Chasing The Pride show

      Chasing The Pride

      Witness how wild life photographer Andy Casagrande stalks lions to bring you unprecedented footage of a lion hunt.