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    • Lincoln's Dream show

      Lincoln's Dream

      Fifteen days before his assassination Lincoln has an ominous dream forewarning of his own demise.

    • Eyewitnesses show


      With over 1500 eyewitnesses to the assassination unfortunately no two accounts match.

    • Booth's Rant show

      Booth's Rant

      John Wilkes Booth likens himself to Brutus rising up to assassinate Caesar.

    • Aftermath at Ford's show

      Aftermath at Ford's

      Amid the chaos and panic after the attack surgeons try to resuscitate the President.

    • Lincoln's Final Speech show

      Lincoln's Final Speech

      Booth and his co-conspirators listen to Lincoln's final public speech from the Portico of the White House.

    • Becoming Lincoln show

      Becoming Lincoln

      Billy Campbell talks about the mental hurdles involved in portraying the nation's most revered President.

    • Becoming Booth show

      Becoming Booth

      Jesse Johnson talks about his process of taking on Booth's mannerisms.